Jazz Latino: A Collection of Latin Inspirations

Various Artists - Jazz Latino: A Collection of Latin Inspirations
Various Artists - Jazz Latino: A Collection of Latin Inspirations
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Product Description

Chesky Records is proud to bring you this celebration of the wondrous influence the Latin sound has had on Jazz with Jazz Latino: A Collection of Latin Inspirations. This disc features Cuban-born Paquito D'Rivera and his big band performing both "The Peanut Vendor" and "Chucho," from each of his Grammy Award-winning albums on Chesky, Tropicana Nights and Portraits of Cuba. Jazz greats Tom Harrell, Larry Coryell, and Chuck Mangione infuse a distinct Latin sensibility into their compositions "Expresso Bongo", "Allegro" and "I Do Everything For Love," while staying true to the Jazz idiom. Displaying a slightly different response to Latin inspiration, another important figure in the Jazz world, Phil Woods, makes his contribution to this collection from his album Astor and Elis, a tribute to Elis Regine and one of the most prominent Latin musical influences, Astor Piazzolla. Not only has Piazzolla single handedly inspired countless numbers of Jazz and Latin musicians, but his compositions are still being performed and recorded by such talented ensembles as Tango Bar and Orquesta Nova as showcased here. The spirit of Latin music is brought to new heights as we close with a rousing rendition of "Un Poco Loco," a previously unreleased track from the inventors of modern conga performance, The Conga Kings: Carlos "Patato" Valdes, Candido Camero and Giovanni Hidalgo featuring special guests Phil Woods, Chocolate, and Jimmy Bosch. The energy and spirit of these performances is proudly presented with Chesky Records' state of the art recording technology that transports you, the listener, directly into the performance space. The Peanut Vendor - Paquito D'Rivera Cuco Y Olga - Mongo Santamaria Expresso Bongo - Tom Harrell Consider - Monty Alexander Manha De Carnival - Leny Andrade Nada Sera Como Antes - Phil Woods Allegro - The Coryells Arabesque - Orquesta Nova Chucho - Paquito D'Rivera Como Dos Extranos - Tango Bar I Do Everything For Love - Chuck Mangione La Camorra - Astor Piazzolla Un Poco Loco - The Conga Kings

Track Listings

  1. The Peanut Vendor
  2. Cuco Y Olga
  3. Expresso Bongo
  4. Consider
  5. Manha Da Carnaval
  6. Nada Sera Como Antes
  7. Allegro
  8. Arabesque
  9. Chucho
  10. Como Dos Extranos
  11. I Do Everything For love
  12. La Camorra
  13. Un Poco Loco