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Tango Bar - Tango Bar
Tango Bar - Tango Bar
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Tango is one of the world's most popular art forms. With its inherent sensuality and sexual overtones, it is no wonder that the Tango has created intrigue throughout the world. Bandoneonist, arranger and music director Raul Jaurena; bandoneonist Tito Castro; violinists Leonardo Suarez and Humberto Ridolfi; bassist Pablo Aslan and pianist Allison Brewster Franzetti, recreate traditional tangos on this CD, beautifully capturing the essence of tango with elegance and panache. Washington Galli, the vocalist, epitomizes the style of tango singing, adjusting to the constantly pulsating underlying rhythm while manifesting freedom of phrasing and interpretation. Despite the passage of time since these tango pieces were originally composed, the works remain fresh, as the tango remains a most poignant expression of our deepest human emotions. Raul Jaurena - Bandoneon, Arranger and Music Director Tito Castro - Bandoneon Leonardo Suarez Paz - Violin Humberto Ridolfi - Violin Allison Brewster Franzetti - Piano Pablo Aslan - Bass Washington Galli - Vocals

Track Listings

  1. Nostalgico
  2. Como Dos Extranos
  3. Saludos
  4. Whisky
  5. A Orlando Goni
  6. A Los Amigos
  7. Por Una Cabeza
  8. Pa' Que Bailen Los Muchachos
  9. Tanguera
  10. La Ultima Curda
  11. Nocturna
  12. Soledad
  13. El Firulete
  14. Toda Mi Vida
  15. Melodia De Arrabal
  16. Confesion
  17. Chique