Stravinsky - The Soldier's Tale

Stravinsky - The Soldier's Tale
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Igor Stravinsky C.F. Ramuz The Soldier's Tale for 3 Actors & Instrumental Ensemble Solisti New York Ransom Wilson, conductor Erica Kiesewetter, violin Judith Sugarman, contrabass Todd Levy, clarinet Charles McCracken, bassoon Christopher Gekker, trumpet John Rojak, trombone James Baker, percussion Characters: Soldier - Ron Bohmer Devil - Reed Armstrong Narrator - Sally Goodwin This item is not currently available for online orders. If you would like to purchase this product, please call our toll free order line at 1-800-331-1437.

Track Listings

1. The Soldier's March
2. On the Bank of the Stream
3. Airs by a Stream
4. An Offer from the Devil
5. The Soldier's March: Reprise
6. Joseph Tries to Go Home
7. Pastoral
8. Confronting the Devil
9. Pastoral - Conclusion
10. Profiting from the Devil's Book
11. Airs by a Stream: Reprise
12. Joseph Laments His Fate
13. Airs by a Stream: Reprise
14. The Soldier's March: Reprise
15. Coming to Another Land
16. The Royal March
17. An Invitation from the King, and a Game of Cards with the Devil
18. The Little Concert
19. Three Dances: Tango
20. Three Dances: Valse
21. Three Dances: Ragtime
22. The Devil Approaches, in Agnoy
23. The Devil's Dance
24. Little Chorale
25. The Devil's Song
26. Great Chorale
27. A Forbidden Attempt to Go Home Again
28. Triumphal March of the Devil