Sara K. - No Cover

Sara K. - No Cover - A Live Performance
Sara K. - No Cover - A Live Performance
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Product Description

Through her unique voice and heart-wrenching songs, Sara has taken us down rocky roads and into smoky bars to create stunning portraits of life and love. Now, for the first time, you can fully experience the raw emotion and pure energy of Sara live on No Cover, her brand new Chesky release. Featuring classics like "If I Could Sing Your Blues" (with special guest Chuck Mangione), "Horse I Used To Ride," and "I Couldn't Change Your Mind," as well as new songs like the bluesy "Ball 'n Joint," this electrifying performance was recorded and filmed inside the acoustically-rich St. Peter's Church in New York. Sara and band never sounded better, and the 96-kHz/24-bit DVD with full-motion video -- one of the first in the world -- places you in the front row. From soft ballads to bluesy rockers, No Cover showcases Sara's unique blend of acoustic folk, blues, pop and jazz in an intimate setting. Her unmistakable voice and uniquely-tuned, 4-string guitar are further enhanced by harmonica, acoustic bass, 12-string guitar and percussion. The result is a collection of breathtaking new arrangements and standout performances that will delight music lovers, audiophiles and home-theater enthusiasts alike. And the best part of all? You can enjoy this special performance any time you want.

Track Listings

  1. Ball 'n Joint
  2. Horse I Used to Ride
  3. Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin'
  4. If I Could Sing Your Blues
  5. Wild Child (Seana's Tune)
  6. Stop Those Bells
  7. I Couldn't Change Your Mind
  8. What's a Little More Rain
  9. Gypsy Eyes
  10. Jaded Love
  11. Tecalote Eyes
  12. Beyond
  13. What You Don't Know