Mongo Santamaria - Mambo Mongo

Mongo Santamaria - Mambo Mongo
Mongo Santamaria - Mambo Mongo
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Product Description

With the completion of this fabulous Afro-Cuban/ jazz project, Mongo Santamaria once again takes his place among the "Mambo Kings". Consistent with tradition, Mongo has surrounded himself with a tight working band of some of the most talented young musicians on the scene today, highlighted by noted veteran flutist Hubert Laws and Valentin. Using material and instrumentation in a "typical" latin contex , Mongo and friends combine these beautifully arranged comparsas, gua guanco, son montuno, and 6/8 rhythms adding tasteful jazz elements and brilliant solo work that turns "typical" to "spectacular".

Track Listings

  1. Dark Before the Dawn
  2. Caribbean Sunrise
  3. Mambo Mongo
  4. Los Ninos Del Mundo
  5. Cali
  6. Are They Only Dreams
  7. Cuco Y Olga
  8. Azteca
  9. La Mogolla