Lee Konitz - Parallels

Lee Konitz - Parallels
Lee Konitz - Parallels
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Product Description

Lee Konitz continues to maintain his role as a true icon and legend of innovation within the Jazz community despite his already established and laudable involvement in the genre spanning six decades and producing over 50 records to date. On his Chesky Records debut, Parallels, Lee proves once again his unique improvisational ability by infusing his alto saxophone lines into the solid framework constructed by his quintet featuring Bill Goodwin on drums, Peter Bernstein on guitar, Steve Gilmore on bass and special guest Mark Turner on tenor saxophone. This recording marks the manifestation of Lee's desire to represent the "possibilities to be creative" in the organic, improvisational nature of Jazz by combining it with the parallel basis of Chesky Records' recording philosophy - recreating a live, spontaneous event with the greatest accuracy possible. Parallels, a collection of Lee's interpretations of standard Jazz cuts and original compositions as fresh as his groundbreaking work in the 50's and 60's, stands as clear evidence of his desire to examine the organic nature of Jazz and all of the opportunities to present spontaneous creativity and artistry to the listener. Lee Konitz has always been an artist who has defined his own terms of playing, even when surrounded by influences that seemed to sway the masses within the Jazz community, and his ability to define himself and a style is in full force on this, a strong representation of West Coast-influenced straight ahead and cool Jazz.

Track Listings

  1. How Deep is the Ocean
  2. For Hans
  3. Skylark
  4. LT
  5. 317 East 32nd
  6. Palo Alto
  7. Eyes
  8. Subconscious Lee