John Pizzarelli

John Pizzarelli
Growing up in a household when players like Zoot Sims and Slam Stewart were apt to be guests no doubt had a lot to do with John Pizzarelli Jr.'s learning the jazz tradition. It didn't hurt, either, that his father, Bucky, had at one time or another handled almost every kind of guitar gig imaginable, from playing in Vaughn Monroe's big band to doing studio work for everyone from Stephanie Grappelli and Joe Venuti to Buddy Rich and Benny Goodman.

In club or concert appearances, John's humorous ad libs and whimsical songs (such as "I Like New Jersey") go over well with the audience. He has also performed several hours weekly with disc jockey Jonathan Schwartz on WNEW AM radio in New York and portrayed a musician on the soap opera, All My Children.

"...a major talent...John amply demonstrates his flexibility as both an instrumentalist and a singer in 14 tunes that range from quality Tin Pan Alley pops to Ellingtonia...this set will go a long way toward establishing the younger Pizzarelli on a level presently enjoyed by his widely respected father." - Jack Sohmer, Jazz Times, March 1997

"...sensational... intimate vocals...spooky good" - FI, April 1997

"In today's jazz couture, you cannot call John a throwback...John's vocals on 'It Could Happen To You,' 'Candy,' and 'Early Autum' sound believable. What I mean it sounds honest...Timeless music can be played by any generation...infectious and entertaining...A little swing, great solos by welcome guests, all reasons to go back to this future." - SOS Jazz, January 1997

"Singer-guitarist John Pizzarelli plays the same kind of music that made his father famous, but with a sweet and sophisticated sound all his own. one of the few musicians of his generation performing the popular swing standards of Gershwin, Porter, and Nat King Cole. With a repertoire built around this music, Pizzarelli is making his mark..." - Lyn Mautner, The Lively Arts, July 30, 1996