Jazz In The Key Of Blue - Limited 192/24

Jazz In The Key Of Blue  - Limited 192/24
Item# HR344

Product Description

Chesky Records is pleased to introduce the 192/24 series. These discs are not limited editions but one-to-one copies of our 192khz 24bit master discs. The discs contain standard 192khz 24bit .wav files that you can copy to your computer's hard drive and then play back through any device that will support this high resolution format. THESE DISCS WILL NOT PLAY ON DVD AUDIO PLAYERS, CD PLAYERS, OR SACD PLAYERS. Each disc can contain up to 4.7 gigabytes of music.

192khz 24bit Gold Studio Master DVD-R Discs are available for purchase in the USA only!

A superb, mostly self-taught musician, Jimmy Cobb is the elder statesman of all the incredible Miles Davis bands. Cobb's inspirational work with Miles, John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderly and Co. spanned 1957 until 1963 and included the masterpiece Kind of Blue, the most popular jazz recording in history.

On this new Chesky Records recording, Jazz In the Key of Blue, Jimmy Cobb pairs up once again with 36-year old, Grammy Award winning trumpeter, Roy Hargrove, who has firmly established himself as among the premier players in jazz and beyond.

The tried and true pair are joined, this time around, by guitarist Russell Malone and bassist John Webber. Malone, an Albany, Georgia native, built his chops in his twenties as sideman to none other than jazz organ icon Jimmy Smith. And Webber, from the American Midwest, is more than an able torchbearer for past alumni of the region, among them Jimmy Blanton and Ron Carter.

Jazz In the Key of Blue continues to prove Jimmy Cobb's mettle as a bandleader, his imperturbable, rock-steady swing, paving the way for the rhythms and sounds of yet another generation of jazzmen.

Track Listings

  1. Every Time We Say Goodbye
  2. With You I'm Born Again
  3. I'll Still Be In Love With You
  4. Emily
  5. Stairway to the Stars
  6. I Had the Craziest Dream
  7. Remembering U
  8. What Will I Do
  9. If Ever I Would Leave You
  10. We'll Be Together Again