I Ching - Of The Marsh And The Moon

I Ching - Of The Marsh And The Moon
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Product Description

I Ching: Of The Marsh and The Moon - Take three Chinese musicians schooled in the ancient art of traditional music making. A tradition that evokes images of romance and mystery. Add the futuristic, yet always musical sound of a synthesizer and apply state-of-the-art Chesky sonic technology. The result? I Ching: Of The Marsh and The Moon. This instrumental recording offers melodies that are at times distressingly beautiful, rhythmically driving and lushly melodic. Featuring Sisi Chen playing the Yangqin (Chinese hammered dulcimer), Tao Chen on Chinese flute and Bao Li on Erhu (two stringed Chinese fiddle) with the synthesizer of Joel Goodman, this is World music meeting New Age. This is I Ching.

Track Listings

  1. Tibet
  2. Young Girl's Heart
  3. Jasmine Flower
  4. Silk Road
  5. Running Water
  6. The Three Rivers
  7. Gadamaylin
  8. Beauty Is Everywhere
  9. In That Distant Place
  10. Prayer
  11. Birds Flying In The Sky