Fred Hersch - Forward Motion

Fred Hersch - Forward Motion
Fred Hersch - Forward Motion
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Product Description

Fred Hersch, a pianist whose dancing lyricism is matched by his romantic sensibilities and touch, earns high marks for Forward Motion, his debut on Chesky Records. For 73 minutes Hersch and his ensemble (tenor sax, cello, drums, and bass) in various combinations, lose themselves - but not their musical identities - in 14 originals by Hersch. With an expansive range of styles from chamber-like classicism to outright swing, this album is absorbing and entrancing - you must hear Fred Hersch and his Trio.

Track Listings

  1. Introduction
  2. Heartsong
  3. Days Gone By
  4. Tango Bittersweet
  5. Child's Song
  6. Janeology
  7. Phantom Of The Bopera
  8. Lullabye
  9. Dreamscape
  10. Professor K.
  11. Forward Motion
  12 ....Departed...
  13. Frevo
  14. Nostalgia