David Chesky

David Chesky
David Chesky is without doubt a modern-day Renaissance man. He has earned indisputable respect for his unique, eclectic musical compositions spanning both jazz and classical idioms in addition to his prominence in the audiophile community for the development of new recording technologies and his role as co-owner of Chesky Records.


David Chesky's latest release on Chesky Records is The Agnostic, an oratorio for full orchestra, symphonic choir, one alto soloist, one baritone soloist, and one boy alto soloist. Surely his most elaborate and contemplative work to date, The Agnostic synthesizes the existential philosophies of the last century into a powerful hymn for modern-day man. This ode to post-modern humanist thought is extremely powerful both musically and philosophically and will certainly be another addition to David's collection of critically acclaimed compositions.

David has released five previous recordings on the Chesky label. The first, Club de Sol, recorded with a jazz quartet, was an unequivocal success, garnering critical raves and charting highly on jazz radio around the country. His follow-up, The New York Chorinhos, written for piano and guitar, was a stunning departure, featuring rhythmically complex music that blends contemporary jazz and classical harmonies. For The Tangos and Dances, David invited Chorinhos guitarist Romero Lubambo back for a darker, passionate take on Latin American music. David's fourth release, The Fantasies for Solo Piano, is a tour de force, demonstrating the full potential of the piano as an expressive instrument-borrowing from all that's best in Latin music while finding inspiration in the grand tradition of the classical Fantasia form. In the fall of 1997 David released an orchestral work, Three Psalms for String Orchestra. David has also recently completed composition of Psalms 4, 5, and 6 for full orchestra, cello and clarinet soloists in remembrance of the victims of the modern Holocausts.

David Chesky, along with his brother Norman, owns and operates his own classical and jazz audiophile record company in New York, the Grammy Award-winning Chesky Records. David acts as producer on all Chesky releases. In addition, David is at the forefront of technical research on recording methods, creating new, advanced recording techniques in order to make the finest musical recordings currently available.

Foreseeing our nation's children growing up without an appreciation for music and fearing the possibility of empty concert halls, David was recently inspired to create a fun way to endear classical music to a young audience. The result is Chesky Records Kids, a new division of Chesky Records which will focus on music education and environmental awareness. The first release from the new division was Classical Cats - A Children's Introduction to the Orchestra, and was followed by The Snowbears of Lake Louise. In the fall of 1999, David began work on his children's ballet, The Zephyrtine as another liaison between children and great Classical music.

Drawing inspiration and influences from a variety of musical, artistic, and emotional sources around the world, David Chesky encompasses and recasts it all with a skill and veracity that touches every listener fortunate enough to hear his music.


"High frequencies, such as string harmonics, have a heft and physicality that I've rarely heard from reproduced sound. The massed string chords in David Chesky's Three Psalms sound almost as though they have bodies as they collide with one another and regroup. The CD sounded great, in my opinion, but the Super Audio Disc takes the sonics into warp drive. It's not a subtle difference. I started out impressed by Chesky's rumination on death, introspection, and resurrection, but the weight and authority of the DVD version give it even greater impact. Can better sound quality alone actually elevate a piece of music to greatness?" - Wes Phillips, Stereophile (March 1999)

"...Three Psalms has real power and depth. The sound, originally recorded using Chesky Records' 24-bit/96-kHz High Resolution Technology, is superb. It's expansive, both wide and deep." - Alan Loft, AUDIO (July 1998)

"Excellent sound and performance." - Stereo Review (May 1998)

"...the pieces embody total freedom of expression...technical virtuosity and improvisatory skill...I was at once taken by Chesky's use of unorthodox, dark harmonic tensions in the lower register, dazzling arpeggiated sweeps, polychromaticism, and rapidly shifting meters and phrasing as reminiscent of John Zorn as of Scriabin." - Stereophile, "Records To Die For," Robert J. Reina February 1997

"...richly tonal, with a sensitive and inventive harmonic vocabulary - and rhythmic drive - clearly influenced by jazz and vernacular Latin music; the structures rhapsodic and expansive ...contemplative to nervous, aggressive, driven, even exultant. All this music, despite its eclecticism, conveys a distinctive and almost magnetically confident personality." - Jonathan Valin & Mark Lehman, Stereophile, July 1996