David Johansen and the Harry Smiths

David Johansen and the Harry Smiths
David Johansen and the Harry Smiths
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Product Description

Artist David Johansen is a true musical chameleon. Whether fronting the influential punk rock group The New York Dolls, leading the Banshees of Blue as lounge master Buster Poindexter, or invoking the blues with the Harry Smiths, he has always demonstrated his unique talent for taking a musical style and making it his own. On David Johansen and the Harry Smiths, David and his first-rate band (Joey Baron, Larry Saltzman, Brian Koonin and Kermit Driscoll) summon the spirit of the blues through American musicologist/folklorist Harry Smith. Featuring gripping performances of songs by Muddy Waters, Mississippi John Hurt and Bob Dylan, this 96-kHz/24-bit recording sounds so real you'll think you've returned to the Delta.

Track Listings

  1. James Alley Blues
  2. Darling, Do You Remember Me
  3. Delia
  4. Little Geneva
  5. Well, I've Been To Memphis
  6. Katie Mae
  7. Old Dog Blue
  8. Somebody Buy Me A Drink
  9. Poor Boy Blues
  10. On The Wall
  11. Don't Start Me Talking
  12. Oh Death
  13. Richland Woman