David Chesky - The Snowbears of Lake Louise

David Chesky - The Snowbears of Lake Louise
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Product Description

Beautiful 40 page hardcover, full color book with read-along CD! Written by David Chesky, Illustrations by Chris Bigelow.

After falling into a ravine while skiing, an old couple wakes up to find themselves in a land populated by magical bears whose job is to take care of the earth and keep the air, land and water clean for all creatures. Perfect for children of all ages.

Track Listings

  1. Introduction
  2. Chapter I, Lake Louise
  3. Chapter II, Snowbears
  4. Chapter III, Ice Castles
  5. Chapter IV, Skybears
  6. Chapter V, Waterbears
  7. Chapter VI, Earthbears
  8. Earthbear Song
  9. Chapter VII, Earth Festival
  10. Earth Anthem
  11. Earth Anthem Reprise