Dave's True Story

Dave's True Story
Dave's True Story began one drunken snowy night in New York City ten years ago. Berklee College of Music-educated songwriter/guitarist David Cantor and singer/waitress extraordinaire Kelly Flint were introduced to each other through a network of New York songwriters and musicians. Kelly suggested that Dave teach her one of his songs, and after singing it as if it were her own, Dave's True Story was born.

In January of 1994, Dave's True Story released their eponymous first album on their own BePop label. It immediately became a best seller at a local music chain and the band sold 10,000 copies at their gigs from Manhattan to Monterey. In June of 1994 they won the prestigious Kerrville New Music award previously won by Lyle Lovett, Suzanne Vega and Michelle Shocked.

Kelly and David describe their music as "beat-lounge," others have called it smart, Jazzy pop. The duo has been featured on many radio shows and perform regularly. They have also toured the Northeastern U.S., California and Holland, garnering an audience that stretches around the world.

Sound Views says, "Kelly Flint sidles and slithers her peaches-and-Cointreau voice over and under David Cantor's original songs of love, lust and venetian blinds. The lyrics combine wit, insight and late-night cool--not a small feat when you consider every song is about sex."

After signing with Chesky Records in 1997, Dave's True Story released Sex Without Bodies (JD164), an album which sent many reviewers into adjective-driven frenzies and provoked such descriptions as "high on the dial of hang-loose cool" and "the hippest, sexiest thing you could want." They even made one reviewer get "all loose and languid." How could they not with songs like "Ned's Big Dutch Wife?" Surely, this is uncommon music. Surely, this is an uncommon band.