Classical Cats: A Childrens' Introduction to the Orchestra

Classical Cats: A Childrens' Introduction to the Orchestra
Item# CD158

Product Description

Chesky Records Kids is committed to helping children develop their creativity and expand their cultural horizons. Classical Cats is the result of this commitment. Children are born with unbound creative energy. Young children have no difficulty accepting fantastic and fictional ideas--however, by the age of about 9 or 10, children begin conforming to adult preferences for the ordinary. Some children may lose touch with their creativity altogether if it is not supported. Art and music allow for the development and appreciation of originality, which is why it is so important to instill a love for the arts in our children at an early age. Classical Cats is a wonderful way for young children to learn about the orchestra. Classical Cats is a playful story with beautiful classical music by composers from Tchaikovsky to Bach. Splendid metaphors are used to teach your child about the four main sections of the orchestra; the strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion. This story is a great learning tool in many ways. Not only will your child learn about the orchestra, but perhaps it will serve as a catalyst for your child to develop his/her own musical talents. Enjoy!

Track Listing

  1. Introduction
  2. Flute
  3. Piccolo
  4. Oboe
  5. Clarinet
  6. Bassoon
  7. Trumpet
  8. French Horn
  9. Trombone
  10. Tuba
  11. Percussion
  12. Vibraphone
  13. Chimes
  14. Toys
  15. Cymbals
  16. Piano
  17. Celeste
  18. Harp
  19. String Section
  20. Violins
  21. Viola
  22. Double Bass
  23. Cello
  24. In the Hall of the Mountain King from "Peer Gynt Suite" No. 1
  25. Hoedown from "Rodeo"
  26. Miniature Overture from "The Nutcracker Suite"
  27. March from "The Nutcracker Suite"
  28. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from "The Nutcracker Suite"
  29. Russian Dance from "The Nutcracker Suite"
  30. Arabian Dance from "The Nutcracker Suite"
  31. Chinese Dance from "The Nutcracker Suite"
  32. Dance of the Mirlitons from "The Nutcracker Suite"
  33. Waltz of the Flowers from "The Nutcracker Suite"