Carlos Franzetti/The Jazz Kamerata

Carlos Franzetti - The Jazz Kamerata
Carlos Franzetti - The Jazz Kamerata
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Product Description

Take outstanding Jazz soloists and some of the greatest Jazz Standards, set them in a chamber Jazz format. Surround them with strings and woodwinds. That is the concept behind the album by Carlos Franzetti who creates a sublime chamber jazz genre, a unique hybrid sound that respects both jazz and classical idioms. Carlos Franzetti's subtle and tasteful choice of classic Jazz standards is the key element that makes this recording both luscious and inventive. Some of the best-known tunes by jazz greats Miles Davis ("Circle"), Wayne Shorter ("Nefertiti"), Pat Metheny ("Quiet Rising"), Keith Jarrett ("Prism") and Bill Evans ("Very Early"), among others, bloom and expand under Franzetti's expert hand. With Carlos Franzetti - piano Lawrence Feldman - saxophone Theresa Norris - flute Paul Gallo - clarinet Laura Seaton-Finn - violin 1 Leonardo Suarez-Paz - violin 2 Maurycy Banaszek - viola Stephanie Cummins - cello Jay Leonhardt - bass All music arranged by Carlos Franzetti

Track Listings

  1. Circle
  2. Nefertiti
  3. Last Years Waltz
  4. Quiet Rising
  5. Allison's Dance
  6. When Autumn Comes
  7. Prism
  8. Van Gogh
  9. Very Early
  10. Elegia