Black Coffee - Louise Rogers

Black Coffee - Louise Rogers
Item# HR345

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Chesky Records is pleased to introduce the 192/24 series. These discs are not limited editions but one-to-one copies of our 192khz 24bit master discs. The discs contain standard 192khz 24bit .wav files that you can copy to your computer's hard drive and then play back through any device that will support this high resolution format. THESE DISCS WILL NOT PLAY ON DVD AUDIO PLAYERS, CD PLAYERS, OR SACD PLAYERS. Each disc can contain up to 4.7 gigabytes of music.

192khz 24bit Gold Studio Master DVD-R Discs are available for purchase in the USA only!

Jazz vocalist Louise Rogers has been gradually winning over converts with her beautiful burnished tone, clear diction, flawless intonation, and impeccable musicianship. Her natural, unforced delivery harkens back to such pure singers as Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald, Chris Connor, and Doris Day. And while she may possess considerable technique and a capacity to improvise and scat up a storm like her most significant role model, Ella, Rogers takes a more relaxed and restrained approach on Black Coffee, her fifth recording overall and first for Chesky Records. “...a pure incandescent voice, free of affectation or obvious influence...” -Christopher Loudon, Jazz Times “Rogers sings in her own skin, dropping the fetters of mere interpretation, to tap a wellspring of emotion...great chops and a warm, witty approach to song...” -Andrew Rowan, AllAboutJazz NYC