Badi Assad - Echoes of Brazil

Badi Assad - Echoes of Brazil
Badi Assad - Echoes of Brazil
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Product Description

One of the most exciting and innovative guitar players performing today is Brazil's Badi Assad. A virtuoso whose technical ability never overshadows the visceral impact of her playing, Assad, is, quite simply, a wonder to behold. On her third Chesky release, Echoes of Brazil, Badi pays homage to the trend-setting and boundary-breaking guitarists who influenced and shaped her style. Echoes is a historical anthology that illustrates the trajectory of rich hues and nuances that the guitar, the primary compositional instrument of Brazilian music, has affected in Brazilian culture. And, what's more, the impact of these songs has now stretched far beyond the borders of Brazil to be embraced by music-lovers around the world. Starting with Isaias Savio's "Batucada," and including works by Luis Bonfa, Baden Powell, and Badi's brother Sergio Assad, this disc is the most moving and tuneful history lesson you'll ever have. Backed by an acoustic bass and two dynamic percussionists, Badi tackles a number of styles popular, traditional, classical and song structures choros, waltzes, proto-Bossa Novas, sambas and emerges as an equal to the greats she is honoring. A diverse and beautiful collection of Brazilian songs, Echoes of Brazil is both a glimpse into Brazil's musical past, and a look into its future: Badi Assad.

Track Listings

  1. Batucada (Nos e o Rio)
  2. Abismo de Rosas
  3. Escadao
  4. Emotiva no. 1
  5. Sem Titulo
  6. Bachianinha no. 1
  7. Interrogando   8. Tempo Feliz
  9. Uma Valsa e Dois Amores
  10. Estudo para Violao
  11. Jorge Da Fusa
  12. Pixaim
  13. Furiosa
  14. Farewell