ArtistBelden, Drummond, Hart & Yahel

Listening to the Mysterious Shorter SACD in Surround Sound, you'll discover some interesting takes on Shorter's music. As Belden suggests in the liner notes, they've taken some of his upbeat compositions and arranged them to take advantage of the Organ, Guitar, Sax and Trumpet in the group. The SACD also does a fine job of reproducing the performances. It definitely provides a "you are there" level of performance and Chesky's minimalist recording approach with no compression and overdubs offers a nice change of pace from the very compressed sounds we all too often hear in many of today's conventional audio disc releases. Weather Report and Jazz fans will enjoy this one.

Nicholas Payton - Trumpet
Bob Belden - Tenor & soprano saxophone
Sam Yahel - Hammond B3 organ, keyboards
John Hart - Electric guitar
Billy Drummond - Drums