Ars Antiqua Austria - Music and Dance from the Viennese Court

Ars Antiqua Austria - Music and Dance from the Viennese Court
Item# SACD262

Product Description

Not only are these compositions beautiful and moving, but this is the first and only recording of Early Music captured in Multi-Channel Surround Sound. Play this SACD and be transported back to the great music halls of the 17th Century!

H.I.F. Biber (1644-1704) and J.H. Schmelzer (1620-1680) are two of the most outstanding composers of the 17th century royal courts. Instruments featured include:

* Violins (Sebastian Klotz, Mittenwald, 18th Cent. & Dall Aglio Giuseppe, Mantua, 18th Cent.) * Violino Piffaro (Sachsen, 18th Cent.) * Violas (Pichler, Salzberg, 18th Cent. & Anonymous, Italy, 18th Cent.) * Violoncello (Anonymous, Italy, 18th Cent.) * Contrabass (Johann Georg Leeb, Vienna, 18th Cent.) * Bassoon (Prudent, 18th Cent.) * Organ (Berhard Fleig, Basel, 1996) * Harpsichord (Johannes Ruckers, 1616) * Recorders (Descant, Alto, Tenor, Bass)

Enjoy this extraordinary classical recording filled with lovely celebratory dance melodies on SACD. Now available online.

Track Listings

  1. Sonata Pro tabula in C major
  2. Balletti a 4 in G major
  3. Sonata a 5 in C major
  4. Partita ex Vienna
  5. Ballettae a 4 in D major
  6. Ballettae a 4 in D major
  7. Balletto 1. di zingari in D minor
  8. Sonata per chiesa e per camera in G majo
  9. Balletti Francesi in A minor
  10. Sonata... doi chori in G major
  11. Arie con la mattacina (D major)