Xiomara (JD311)

  1. La Llave
  2. Por Ti
  3. Tengo
  4. De Mis Recuerdos
  5. Soledad
  6. Plazos Tracioneros
  7. Siempre Que Te Vas
  8. Moliendo Cafe
  9. La Habana Joven
  10. No Creo

Though she's released six solo discs in her native land of Cuba, the woman affectionately called La Negra is best known stateside for recording with the New York-based group Yerba Buena. On her self-titled debut solo effort for Chesky, she fuses the essence of Cuba's rhythmic folk songs to a sophisticated, contemporary sound.


"Exudes sex from her pores with the rare confidence of a seasoned performer"

- Global Rhythm