The Virtuoso Scarlatti (CD75)

  1. Sonata in A Major (Kirkpatrick 24)
  2. Sonata D Minor (K.141)
  3. Sonata in G Minor (K.426)
  4. Sonata in G Major (K.427)
  5. Sonata in C Minor (K.158)
  6. Sonata in C Major (K.159)
  7. Sonata in A Major (K.208)
  8. Sonata in A Major (K.209)
  9. Sonata in E Major (K.46)
  10. Sonata in G Minor (K.30) The Cat's Fugue
  11. Sonata in E Major (K.380) Cortege
  12. Sonata in E Major (K.381)
  13. Sonata in D Major (K.118)
  14. Sonata in D Major (K.119)
  15. Sonata in D Minor (K.120)

This recording is performed on five Hubbard & Broekman harpsichords after historical Flemish, German, Italian English & French models.


Domenico Scarlatti (1685 - 1757)


"The 15 sonatas, performed with brio and tastefully restrained free ornamentation of reprises, constitute a well balanced recital programme that grows even more enjoyable on repeated hearing." - Howard Schott, The Musical Times