Unauthorized (JD189)

  1. Dear Miss Lucy
  2. Misery
  3. Lilly-110-140
  4. When Kafka Was The Rage
  5. Won Gon Ju
  6. Florida Time
  7. Far Worse Off
  8. Baby Who Are You?
  9. Chicks
  10. Voletta's
  11. Still I Adore You
  12. Kathmandu
  13. China Tour

Unauthorized features thirteen hip, witty tracks with Dave's True Story's trademark toe-tapping swing. While the style may be considered retro, the subject matter is certainly contemporary: "Dear Miss Lucy" is a wry appeal to a husband-stealing S&M mistress, and "Lilly 110-140" is a samba--tinged homage to Prozac. Songs like "Won Gon Ju" the story of a Chinese Jewish man and "Florida Time" a sultry ballad ostensibly penned in a jail cell are off-kilter and cynical treats. And, like all Dave's true stories, there are paeans to love lost ("When Kafka Was The Rage"), love gone wrong ("Misery"), and love that hurts so good ("Far Worse Off"). Dave's True Story's first album on Chesky Records, Sex Without Bodies (JD164), was received with shocked delight and inspired many a critic to new levels of creativity in capturing their sound: "like Cole Porter writing about phone sex" and "high on the dial of hang-loose cool." Kelly Flint and David Cantor, vocalist and guitarist of Dave's True Story respectively, describe their music as "beat-lounge." Since meeting more than ten years ago through New York City's network of songwriters, Flint's peaches-and-Cointreau voice and Cantor's sharp-yet-loose arrangements have proven themselves to be perfect complements to each other. Recorded in the signature 96kHz/24bit Chesky sound, Unauthorized is sure to become one of the favorites in your CD-player as you soak in the tight accompaniment and wit-doused lyrics of this duo. Dave's True Story performs frequently in and around New York City.