The Ultimate Demonstration Disc Volume 2 (SACD343)

  1. In a Mellow Tone
  2. Speak Like a Child
  3. Angel of Harlem
  4. Club Descarga
  5. Young Girl's Heart
  6. My Foolish Heart
  7. Little Wing
  8. Misterioso
  9. Imagine
  10. Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra, 3rd Movement
  11. Tear It Up

"I produced the first Ultimate Demonstration Disc in 1995, and it went on to be a huge success. It caught on with audiophiles, especially those who read audiophile magazines like "Stereophile" and "The Absolute Sound," but didn't fully understand the lexicon of sound. Audiophile reviewers use words like "transparent" and "soundstage depth" all the time, but rarely describe exactly what the words mean. With the original and now this new UDD I spell out what to listen for on each tune. And since Chesky recordings are made by and for audiophiles the entire recording chain -- the microphones, mic preamps, mixer, and analog-to-digital converter -- is custom built to high-end standards. To produce the purist, most natural sound Chesky avoids the use of dynamic range compressors, equalizers, and overdubbing. The sessions are all "live" so the microphones "hear" what you would have heard if you were present at the session. The Chesky sound is so neutral, transparent and natural, our recordings can be used to reveal differences between various brands of high-end speakers, electronics and cables. Chesky Records has learned a lot over the past thirteen years so it's no surprise the Ultimate Demonstration Disc, Volume 2 sounds even better than Volume 1. Enjoy!"

- Steve Guttenberg