Trio in the New Harmonic: Aural Paintings

  1. Painting No. 1
  2. Painting No. 2
  3. Painting No. 3
  4. Painting No. 4
  5. Painting No. 5
  6. Painting No. 6
  7. Painting No. 7
  8. Painting No. 8

"By combining intense group interplay with a bold recording aesthetic that mixes intimate bass and drum sounds with ethereal piano tones, David Chesky has created a fascinating new album." - Brent Butterworth, Soundstage!/JazzTimes

"Aural Paintings is a masterclass exercise in tension building" - ItDjents

Chesky records introduces, The Ribbon series -- just one stereo Ribbon microphone. While conceived as a series of tonal paintings, somehow David Chesky’s cornucopia of oblique ruminations on TRIO IN THE NEW HARMONIC suggest to this scribe something more declamatory, and poetically austere, like some non-denominational evening service at a distant Northern latitude and longitude, bathed in a wintery glow, with the faint promise of spring colors peeking through the firmament—illuminating a largely black and white canvas with pastel intimations of some elusive wakening.