Tico! Tico! (JD34)

  1. Danza Caracteristica
  2. Anorado Encuentro
  3. Valse Criollo
  4. El Mardino
  5. Carola
  6. Tico Tico
  7. Song For Maura
  8. To Brenda With Love
  9. Serenata
  10. Elizabeth
  11. Chorinho #3 "Sheep Meadow"
  12. Recife's Blue

"Many American musicians think of Carmen Miranda, La Bamba, or La Cucaracha as Latin music. They don't think South American music is very serious. I made this album to demonstrate how to play Latin American rhythms and their application into the language of jazz music."

- Paquito D'Rivera


"This is a fine program of refreshingly honest music free of cliches and gimmickry."

- Kenneth D. Gumba, Jazz Times