Three Psalms For String Orchestra (CD163)

  1. Psalm I
  2. Psalm II
  3. Psalm III

Composer David Chesky unveils his most elaborate and moving work to date on Three Psalms for String Orchestra, a contemplative but ultimately uplifting work which details an unfolding inward journey. Recorded with Berlin’s renowned Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg and conducted by Stephen Somary, Three Psalms carries the listener from spiritual crisis and resignation to re-construction and, finally, an embrace of the universal. Magnificently played and beautifully recorded in Germany using 96kHz/24-bit technology, the power of Chesky’s Three Psalms comes alive through the strength of the 60 member orchestra. The work’s ethereal sweep slowly builds as its expressive climax is captured with the highest level of detail, intimacy and accuracy possible. Three Psalms is a rewarding and emotionally profound listening experience that will delight lovers of modern music.


David Chesky


"High frequencies, such as string harmonics, have a heft and physicality that I've rarely heard from reproduced sound. The massed string chords in David Chesky's Three Psalms sound almost as though they have bodies as they collide with one another and regroup..."

- Wes Phillips, Stereophile