Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin' (JD133)

  1. What You Don't Know
  2. Easy Street
  3. Out Of My Hands
  4. Whipping Post
  5. Big Yard, No Pets
  6. Fortune Lady's Eyes
  7. J.J.
  8. You've Walked That Way Before
  9. Love Is Strong
  10. Free Will
  11. Leave The Leavin' Up To Me
  12. Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin'
  13. Vincent

Sara K. writes music that expresses emotional turbulence with the perfect balance of poetry and passion. Possessing a sweet sultry voice and a style that soars above and beyond the boundaries of genre, her newest release, tell me i'm not dreamin' touches on a myriad of styles including jazz, folk, and even the blues, and yet transcends them all.


"...wonderful vocals, sparse backings and enough atmosphere to justify a film of the album. But the real kickers are two cover versions, a chilling take of Don McLean's 'Vincent' and an unplugged performance of the Allman Brothers' raunchy-driven crowd-rouser, 'Whipping Post'."

- Hi-Fi News & Record Review, June 1996