The Tangos And Dances (JD72)

  1. Dance No. 3
  2. Tango No. 2
  3. Dance No. 4
  4. Chorinho No. 19
  5. Dance No. 1
  6. Chorinho No. 7
  7. Dance No. 2
  8. Tango No. 1
  9. Chorinho No. 18
  10. Dance No. 5

"Composers ought to write the music that they feel, rather than what they think someone of their nationality, or whatever, 'ought' to write. Some of the greatest 'Spanish' music was written by Ravel, who was French. I've been listening to Latin-American music since I was a child, and I enjoy it and feel comfortable playing it. I feel I have some new things to say, and that's why I've written these new pieces."

- David Chesky