The Spanish Poems (JD398)

  1. The Girl From Guatemala
  2. Sonnet No.5
  3. The Romance of Love

Composer David Chesky's newest album, The Spanish Poems represent David's fusion of Latin rhythms with modern classical harmonies. Written for soprano and orchestra, these most challenging vocal works are effortlessly performed by the versatile Maureen McKay who sings with a gorgeous tone, great clarity, expression and virtuosity.

The first work “Poem No. 9" (also known as “The Girl from Guatemala”) has a text by the Cuban poet Jose Marti. A lyrical seductive dance builds into a fiery end as our heroine dies from love. A text by the Spanish poet Garcilaso De la Vega is the basis for “Sonata No. 5". This song is a slow mysterious ballad with a middle section transforming into a brisk dance which then returns to the original ballad. “The Romance of Love” is based on the words of an unknown Spanish poet. This song is a fast exciting uptempo dance that features a dazzling display of vocalism from Ms. McKay.