Shaker (JD236)

  1. Furry's Blues
  2. I'll Go With Her
  3. Deep Blue Sea
  4. My Morphine
  5. Ham Hound Crave
  6. Let the Mermaids Flirt With Me
  7. I Can't Be Satisfied
  8. In Love Again
  9. Death Letter
  10. My Grandpa is Old Too
  11. Jailbird Love Song
  12. High Sheriff
  13. Kassie Jones
  14. The Last Kind Words

David Johansen and the Harry Smiths' Shaker is more than just a tribute to great blues legends and the infamous anthologist of folk music. This work effectively brings together a profound understanding of the folk/blues genre, Johansen's own gritty style, and a band of seasoned musicians to bring an enticingly accessible creation with traces of rock and jazz sprinkled throughout. Building on the folk accuracy of their first album, Shaker elevates this artistic concept to a new level, casting another set of classic tunes that glow with a coat of that unique Johansen character.


"[Johansen's] chipped-granite yowl hangs with modal drama over bottleneck guitar and percussion sabotage"

- Rolling Stone