Sex Without Bodies (JD164)

  1. Spasm
  2. Baby Talk
  3. Sex Without Bodies
  4. I'll Never Read Trollope Again
  5. Once Had a Woman
  6. I'm So Repentant
  7. Rue de Lappe
  8. Nirvana
  9. Ned's Big Dutch Wife
  10. Crazy
  11. Daddy-O
  12. Walk on the Wild Side
  13. Stormy

With so much of today's music sounding like the din of open warfare, along comes Dave's True Story to prove there's still room for espionage. Chesky Records takes pleasure in presenting a record that's as sweet as a peach and dry as a martini. Sex Without Bodies is reminiscent of the post-swing, cafe society sound that belonged to stars like Peggy Lee and Chet Baker.  Singer Kelly Flint uses her smoky, sultry vocal to explore a world of love, lust and venetian blinds.  Composer/guitarist David Cantor writes his songs with the heart of a continental rogue'combining wit, insight and late-night cool.  Together they are masters of fallen innocence.  For Sex Without Bodies, they bring to Chesky a diverting ensemble including vibes, accordion, horns and a deliciously grinding stand-up acoustic bass.


"I highly recommend Sex Without Bodies for those who want to music to seduce to." - Acoustic Music