Salon New York (JD86)

  1. Lunfardo
  2. Battery Park
  3. El Esquinazo
  4. La Flor De La Canela
  5. Tango For Astor
  6. Son De La Loma
  7. Atras Da Porta
  8. Arabesque
  9. Modinha
  10. Cuatro Canciones Favoritas (medley)
  11. Milonga Del Angel
  12. La Punalada
  13. Este Seu Olhar
  14. Song Without Words

Salon New York grants a luscious, stress-free listening experience with a passionate array of Latin-American music. Co-led by Argentine composer/arranger/pianist Carlos Franzetti and violist Juliet Haffner, eight classical instrumented musicians (mainly strings) comprise Orquesta Nova on explorations of Latin-American classical, popular, and folkloric musical traditions composed by Astor Piazzolla, Raul Matamoros, Antonio Carlos Jobim and other greats.


"Orquesta Nova has come up with another winner The songs are melodious, the sound is luscious."

- William Livingstone, Stereo Review