Rio After Dark (JD28)

  1. Rio After Dark
  2. Alagoas
  3. Meditation
  4. Viola Fora De Moda
  5. Summer Days
  6. La Cumbia
  7. Anos Dourados
  8. Renovacao
  9. Rainbow
  10. O Que Vier Eu Traco
  11. Sem Lengenda
  12. Forever
  13. O Tempo E O Lugar
  14. Serrado
  15. You've Got A Friend

Known for her delightful delivery and delicate vibrato-less soprano, the Sao Paulo-born vocalist/composer/guitarist is equally at ease on melodic ballads as she is on tongue-twisting sambas. A Cash Box reviewer once wrote that "hearing Ana Caram was like a sweet, sunny, wake up call."