Rhythms (JD137)

  1. Pulo do Gato
  2. À Gandáia das Ondas/Beppo
  3. À Primeira Vista
  4. O Choro de Juliana
  5. Rhythms
  6. Song for Badi
  7. Bate-Coxa
  8. Feixe
  9. Quase Um Funk P'ra Badi/Vírus
  10. Laser
  11. Ica
  12. Pau Brasil
  13. Moods
  14. Carta a l'Exili

While Badi Assad isn't a jazz singer per se, the singer/acoustic guitarist clearly thrives on improvisation and spontaneity. This is no doubt one of the main reasons she ended up on the jazz-oriented Chesky Records. When Rhythms was recorded at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in New York, Chesky treated the project much as it would treat a jazz recording -- the tape was rolling, and Assadwas encouraged to simply let loose and blow. No overdubbing took place, and this very honest and straightforward approach makes for a riveting listen on songs by Chico César, Marco Pereira and other Brazilian composers. Although the vast majority of her influences are Brazilian, Assad's Lebanese heritage is a definite advantage on the magnificent and varied Rhythms.

- Review by Alex Henderson, AllMusic.com