The Rhythm Of Wings (JD92)

  1. Wings Beat Time
  2. Heckle And Jeckle
  3. In The Thermal
  4. Just One Feather
  5. Crowtalk
  6. A Face Like Yours
  7. Feathers And Bones
  8. The Mercy Of The Wind
  9. Enraptored
  10. Avian Ways
  11. Loon Alone
  12. Wing Fall
  13. Close Enough For Love
  14. Low Gravity Depravity

Bruce Dunlap began playing guitar at the ripe age of three. Coming from a family of classical musicians, he moved quickly in the opposite musical direction. The music on The Rhythm Of Wings was written for different groupings of acoustic guitar, drum, percussion and acoustic bass, and reflects the motif of flying and birds. Though the album feels like something much larger than an acoustic guitar trio, it encompasses Dunlap's fine training and passion for music.


"Elegant and understated a joy to hear."

- Stereophile