Remembrances (JD166)

  1. Sophisticated Lady
  2. Laura
  3. Speak Like a Child
  4. Footprints
  5. Naima
  6. Johnny Bug
  7. La Rosa Y El Sauce
  8. In Your Own Sweet Way
  9. Riverside Park
  10. Goodbye

Jazz trumpeter Jon Faddis records a satiny, swinging album that celebrates the old and the new. The recording showcases the multi-faceted musician with support from a handpicked 14-piece jazz orchestra. Fans familiar with Faddis' storming, take-no-prisoners style will find Remembrances a revelation. Conductor Carlos Franzetti has arranged the ten selections with emphasis on the saxes and winds, resulting in a lush, glowing sound recalling the urbanity of Count Basie's glory days.


"Jon Faddis is perhaps best known for his formidable chops, his ability to hit those notes off the staff consistently, but on Remembrances the trumpeter demonstrates he can get inside a song and touch those often elusive tender spots."

- Down Beat