The Raven (JD115)

  1. Kalerka
  2. The Witch
  3. The Raven
  4. You Need Me There
  5. Grandmother
  6. You Got Me
  7. Heart And Mind
  8. Her Man Leaves Town
  9. Seven Hours
  10. Wendy's Style Shop
  11. The Height Of Land
  12. Spanish Harlem
  13. Remember Me

Reflective yet contemporary, Rebecca's lovely voice rings with honest, unpretentious confidence and vivid tenderness. While her Celtic melodies set the mood, her lyrics tell stories, full, rich, textured, and open hearted. This amazing talent makes her U.S. debut with The Raven, Chesky Record's most striking, powerful and fully realized vocal record to date.


"Nuanced and assured, The Raven reveals Rebecca Pidgeon as one of those rare singers who, without guile or fretful virtuosity, conveys emotion purely."