Portraits Of Cuba (JD145)

  1. La Bella Cubana
  2. The Peanut Vendor
  3. Tu
  4. Tu Mi Delirio
  5. No Te Importe Saber
  6. Drume Negrita
  7. Portraits of Cuba
  8. Excerpt from "Aires Tropicales"
  9. Mariana
  10. Como Arrullo De Palmas
  11. Echale Salsita
  12. Song To My Son
  13. Theme from "I Love Lucy"

Best Latin Jazz Album of the 39th Annual Grammy Awards!

This absolutely classic jazz recording is entitled Portraits of Cuba and is a milestone project of Paquito D'Rivera. Arranged by Carlos Franzetti, the large band ensemble provides an orchestral ambiance akin to the legendary Gil Evans sound with Miles Davis, in the classic "Sketches of Spain." This recording couldn't come at a better time, as it presents an artistic commentary on a national and social transition as it unfolds in a new and evolving Cuba. It is truly a work that will be applauded worldwide as the quality of the writing and performance is at a level few artists are capable of achieving today. Paquito D'Rivera provides some of the most inspired improvisation in his career to date and the material chosen for this recording are familiar classics in the popular Latin music tradition.


"Marvelous jazz celebration of Cuban music...Beautifully performed and recorded..."

- Hi-Fi News & Record Review, November 1996