Passages (JD64)

  1. Touch The Sky
  2. Suite Dreams
  3. Papaya Holiday
  4. Bell
  5. Passages
  6. Lakeside Drive
  7. A Good Bye Wave
  8. Expresso Bongo
  9. Madrigal
  10. It's Up To Us

The true poets of jazz are rare beings. They're also hard to define, but once you've been touched by their music, you know who fits the mold and who doesn't. It is time to recognize Tom Harrell as a player who has emerged forcefully from the ranks to earn his rightful place in the trumpet hierarchy. This band has the feel of a true partnership. While the songs come from Harrell's fertile imagination, there's a sense of trust and compatibility among the players


"[The album is] nearly 70 minutes of endlessly fascinating, often intense jazz that moves seamlessly from the tender to the hard-edged to the joyous. No one but no one is writing and executing quite like Harrell." - Bob Young, Jazziz