One World One Music

  1. Running Water
  2. Saré Tete Wa
  3. Anos Dourados (Looks Like December)
  4. Seu Jorge e Dona Ica
  5. Mambo Mongo
  6. Chachipen
  7. Non-Stop to Brazil
  8. Ginafare
  9. Las Perlas de Tu Boca
  10. Tumbando Cana
  11. Brasileirinho
  12. Cielito Lindo
  13. Danza Del Pájaro
  14. Maiden Voyage
  15. Conga Jam
  16. La Puerta Roja
  17. Wow wow Holy Cow
  18. Jaelish

One thing consistent across cultures, time, and space, is music. It takes many forms in different parts of the world. On this compilation, One World One Music, we feature the music of multiple continents and musicians of several generations.

Featuring Antonio Carlos Jobim, Babatunde Olatunji, Ana Caram, Candido, Badi Assad, and Dave Liebman (among a host of additional legends and newcomers alike), there's something here for the most ardent World Music lover, and the novice alike.