Non-Stop To Brazil (JD29)

  1. Samba De Orfeu
  2. A Sombra Da Mangueira
  3. Danca India
  4. Sensibile
  5. Adeus
  6. Passeio No Rio
  7. Mar Encantado (The Enchanted Sea)
  8. Xango
  9. Manha De Carnaval
  10. Non-Stop To Brazil
  11. Sambolero
  12. Gentle Rain
  13. Amiga
  14. Uma Prece
  15. Oasis

Luis Bonfá is best known for his compositions, most notably, Manha De Carnaval (Morning of Carnival), from the cinema classic, Black Orpheus. This recording, his first American in fifteen years, is full of Bonfá's greatest compositions and also features his remarkable guitar playing. After fifteen years, we are again treated to Luiz Bonfá's enchanting music, with its understated, serene spirit. It was worth the wait.

Recorded April 17 & 18, 1989 at RCA Studio A in New York, NY

Luiz Bonfá - Guitar

Gene Bertoncini - Guitar

Café - Percussion

Produced by David Chesky

Recorded by Bob Katz

Recorded with minimalist miking techniques (one AKG C-24 Stereo Microphone) and without overdubbing or artificial enhancement to ensure the purest and most natural sound possible.


"Bonfa plays the guitar like no other, in a very personal, charismatic style. His guitar is a little orchestra.".

- Antonio Carlos Jobim