New York Time (SACD314)

  1. Newest Blues
  2. Sixth Ave
  3. My Shining Hour
  4. Notes in Three
  5. In the Kitchen
  6. Naima
  7. Grove
  8. Whisper Not
  9. Diane
  10. Mode for Joe

New York Time offers jazz fans a wonderful opportunity to hear two rising stars of the genre (McBride, Jackson) performing with two respected elders (Cobb, Walton). The past also meets the present in other exciting ways on this recording. The set is highlighted by several of Walton’s original compositions and a cover of the legendary John Coltrane’s “Naima.” Meanwhile, McBride’s acoustic bass talents are spotlighted on his self-written composition “Grove” (for trumpeter Roy Hargrove) and Jackson represents the new vanguard of jazz with his own tune titled “Notes in Three.”

Chesky Records’ world-renowned minimalist recording technique allowed the musicians to relax and the music to flow. “It’s always nice when you’re around friends. It’s nice when it’s a loose atmosphere and everyone is supporting everyone else,” Jackson says. “Very rewarding music can come out of such impromptu situations.”

New York Time is the third of seven titles to be released as part of The New York Sessions series. This new series features the greatest jazz musicians of today recorded with Chesky’s state-of-the-art technology. It also aims to spotlight new artists who are creating fresh opportunities for the music. All New York Sessions titles will be released as aggressively priced hybrid SACDs. Each SACD title will have a CD-compatible layer, as well as high-definition stereo and multichannel versions for SACD players.


Using Chesky's ˜one-mic' recording technique and the spacious acoustics of St Peter's Episcopal Church, NYC, the sound is as warm and as well balanced as the carefully selected program of material.