The New York Rags (CD359)

  1. Rag No. 1 "The New Yorker"
  2. Rag No. 2 "The Bernstein"
  3. Rag No. 3 "The Duke"
  4. Rag No. 4 "Times Square"
  5. Rag No. 5 "Fourth Street"
  6. Rag No. 6 "Third Avenue"
  7. Rag No. 7 "Broadway Boogie Woogie"
  8. Rag No. 8 "Fifth Avenue"
  9. Rag No. 9 "Grand Central Morning"
  10. Rag No. 10 "Seventh Avenue"
  11. Rag No. 11 "The Circle at Fifth"
  12. Rag No. 12 "The Park Avenue Rag"
  13. Rag No. 13 "The Thanksgiving Day Parade Rag in 7/4"
  14. Rag No. 14 "Kids You're Late for School Rag"
  15. Rag No. 15 "The Manhattan Blues Variations Rag"
  16. Rag No. 16 "Penn Station"
  17. Rag No. 17 "The J Walker Rag"
  18. Rag No. 18 "The Coney Island Rag"

David Chesky’s series of 18 modern virtuoso solo piano rags are inspired by life in the bustling and intense metropolis of New York City, a place he has called home since 1974. The work seems to owe as much to Henry Cowell and Charles Ives’ use of dissonance, Elliott Carter’s atonalism, Conlon Nancarrow’s experimental piano rolls, Leonard Bernstein’s syncopation, and Cecil Taylor’s whirlwind free jazz as they do to Joplin’s ragtime classics. These pieces are taken from Chesky’s unique rhythmic and harmonic style of composition, fused together with stride piano and ragtime to capture the everyday life of modern pulsating New York City.

This album was recorded in Binaural+ for both speaker and 3D headphone playback and has EXTREME dynamics, so please set your playback levels carefully. Recorded November 27th, 2012 at the Hirsch Center in Brooklyn, New York David Chesky - Piano

Produced by David Chesky Recorded, edited, and mastered by Nicholas Prout Assistant engineer was Alex Sterling DCFX Mark IV Disklavier Pro concert grand piano used for recording. Recorded in Binaural+ with the B&K 4100 Head and Torso simulator, MSB A/D Converter, and Crystal Microphone cable.

This album was made with the purest audio path, using the very best microphones, mic preamps, analog-to-digital converters, recorders, and cables with careful attention to detail to produce the most transparent and natural sound available today. Reviews This is certainly among the finest piano recordings ever made. This music and recording deserve the highest of high fidelity and that's just what the 192/24 delivers. - Andrew Quint, The Absolute Sound New York Rags FULL of riches. - Gary Walker, WBGO