The New York Girl's Club (JD141)

  1. Address To The Beams
  2. 24 Hours of Love
  3. Underground
  4. Jerusalem
  5. The Wedding Dress
  6. Under The Table
  7. Primitive Man
  8. The New York Girls' Club
  9. The Word Around Town
  10. The Penguin
  11. Friday Night Crowd
  12. Auld Lang Syne/Bring It On Home To Me

The New York Girls' Club is Rebecca Pidgeon's second solo effort and highlight her uncanny nack for memorable songwriting. With material that ranges from light acoustic folky numbers to moderate rock tracks, this album is sure to please everyone.


"Rebecca Pidgeon's New York Girl's Club also brought a smile to my lips, so realistic was the sound of her voice, so clearly outlined against the steady pitter-patter of percussion, the ring of piano and the metallic sting of the sax."

- Hi-Fi News & Record Review, March 1997