The New York Chorinhos (JD39)

  1. Chorinho No. 4: Washington Heights
  2. Chorinho No. 2: Brooklyn Bridge
  3. Chorinho No. 3: Sheep Meadow
  4. Chorinho No. 13: Latin Fugue
  5. Chorinho No. 5: Sutton Place
  6. Chorinho No. 10: Soho Waltz
  7. Chorinho No. 15: Summer Days
  8. Chorinho No. 12: Park Avenue
  9. Chorinho No. 14: Hudson Street
  10. Chorinho No. 17: Times Square
  11. Chorinho No. 8: Manhattan
  12. Chorinho No. 1: New York
  13. Chorinho No. 6: Broadway
  14. Chorinho No. 9: Madison Avenue
  15. Chorinho No. 16: The Boat Pond

Brazilian music continues to captivate David Chesky. Following Club de Sol, David's second outing showcases original compositions, utilizing the Brazilian music form called Chorinho. In these compositions, David has adopted Chorinho conventions and melded them with his personal feeling for harmony and structure. As such, these seventeen pieces are unlike anything in contemporary music today.


"At times highly introspective, these sets still maintain the integrity of the chorinho, a musical form which predates both the samba and the bossa nova but is still often rhythmically compelling. Both Chesky and Lumbambo are proficient instrumentalists, and the result here is stimulating and enjoyable."

- Andrew Susssman, Fanfare