Mambo Mongo (JD100)

  1. Dark Before the Dawn
  2. Caribbean Sunrise
  3. Mambo Mongo
  4. Los Ninos del Mundo
  5. Cali
  6. Are They Only Dreams
  7. Cuco y Olga
  8. Azteca
  9. La Mogolla

With the completion of this fabulous Afro-Cuban/ jazz project, Mongo Santamaria once again takes his place among the "Mambo Kings". Consistent with tradition, Mongo has surrounded himself with a tight working band of some of the most talented young musicians on the scene today, highlighted by noted veteran flutist Hubert Laws and Valentin. Using material and instrumentation in a "typical" latin contex , Mongo and friends combine these beautifully arranged comparsas, gua guanco, son montuno, and 6/8 rhythms adding tasteful jazz elements and brilliant solo work that turns "typical" to "spectacular".