Live At The Village Gate: The Second Set (JD127)

  1. One Foot In The Gutter
  2. Opus Ocean
  3. Michelle
  4. Serenade To A Bus Seat
  5. Joonji
  6. Ode To A Flugelhorn
  7. Funky Mama
  8. Interview

Clark is one of the greatest storytellers in the business. To mark this special occasion we asked him to share some of his favorite jazz anecdotes. Included on this CD are highlights of a very touching and often hilarious "Interview" conducted by Lee Greenblat, in Clark's own living room. Clark Terry gives us a unique view of some of his well known and lifelong friends. He paints a verbal portrait of Basie, Duke, Diz, and Miles, to name a few.


"If there's one single musician performing today whose longevity in the music business qualifies him as an Ambassador of Jazz Music, it's Clark Terry."

- Keith Brickhouse, Music Hound Jazz: The Essential Album Guide