Live At The Village Gate (JD49)

  1. Top and Bottom
  2. Keep, Keep, Keep On Keepin' On
  3. Silly Samba
  4. Pint Of Bitters
  5. Sheba
  6. Brushes and Brass
  7. Simple Waltz
  8. Hey Mr Mumbles

Trumpeter/Flugelhorn Clark Terry is a jazz legend. Truly one of the few virtuoso/entertainers in jazz, Clark is a delight to both hear and watch. He glows with warmth, humor and a certain underlying mischievousness, never missing opportunities to surprise his audience with wild scat vocals, sing along, and even occasional one liners. Clark Terry was a natural choice for our first live jazz recording. All the great music and fun was faithfully reproduced for you.


"This session from last November is one of the most satisfying Clark Terry recordings for some time, given more presence by Chesky's simple but, alas, not more widely used recording techniques-it is full of passion and exuberance which, coupled to his extraordinary technique, have made him one of the greatest brass players of our time."

- Steve Voce, New Note