The Jobim Songbook In New York (SACD328)

  1. Dreamer
  2. Once I Loved
  3. Meditation
  4. Quiet Nights
  5. Dindi
  6. Wave
  7. One Note Samba
  8. Desafinado
  9. Caminhos Cruzados
  10. O Grande Amor
  11. Girl from Ipanema

David Hazeltine makes his second contribution to Chesky's acclaimed New York Sessions series with this stunning set of compositions by revered Brazilian composer Antonio Carlos Jobim. The combination of the sophisticated elegance of a jazz piano trio, delicate arrangements and Chesky's renowned recording techniques presents Hazeltine (and Jobim) like you've never heard before.


"This is a pleasant album by a tasteful pianist supported by a solid bassist and a skilled drummer."

- Jazz Times